My Agile Results Field Report

Agile Results Field Report

This is a recap of my experience over the last 9 weeks using Agile Results. If you don’t care about productivity, making stuff happen, or my experience you can stop reading now. If you are interested in my experience, and want to learn an easy one-two punch combo to improve your progress on anything you do, keep reading.

Still here? You’re rad.

Agile Results is Getting Things Done, sort of

I’ve always had an interest in doing things with the least amount of effort that get results.

I’ve practiced Getting Things Done (GTD) for many years. What that means is i’ve gotten good at capturing actions, organizing them in lists, and never doing them.

The productivity advice of:

1. Write it down

2. Check it off

3. Repeat

This good for people who have issues with taking action.

Hundreds of action items on my to do list stresses me out. GTD feels like assembly line work for me.

Solving The REAL Problem

It doesn’t help answer the question “what is the BEST thing I should do next to achieve my goals”?

Agile Results solved these problems for me.

Agile results is a way to kick ass at life. It is mental GPS.

The most powerful thing about Agile Results is that when you use it, you will meet your goals.

Specific ways it’s helped me:

  • Complete a weekly review 6 weeks running
  • Finish more important things that are keeping me on target for my goals.
  • Tweak the productivity system to meet my needs. I dropped the daily review.
  • Greater clarity, focus, and I’ve been happier.
  • Got paid doing work I love.
  • I’ve improved my relationships.

If you want to take the approach for a test drive yourself…

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