Getting Results The Agile Way Review

Back at it today with a mini review of a book called “Getting Results the Agile Way”. If you are a high performer you should keep reading, it will help you have a kick ass week.

Still here? Ok. See my lite review below.

The Rule Of Three

If your week ended TODAY, what 3 results should you have completed? Now decide what 3 outcomes you want by the end of the day(week if you are fancy). These should be results that, if achieved, you’d give yourself a high five for. Write them down.

Close The Loop

Now, go to your calendar, and put in a 15 minute event to review your day, week, or month. Ask yourself 2 questions:

“What 3 things went well?”
“What 3 things can I improve?”

The answers there will give you actionable intelligence for your next session.

Once complete, you have created a powerful loop. Even if you have a crappy, non productive day/week you know exactly what you need to do to make it better. If you have an average day/week you get the same benefit.
Try it. Test it today. Let me know how it works for you.

If you want classic suggestions on how to manage oneself, check out my review.


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