Sean Oliver

Bio: Current Seattleite, ex-Alaskan, ex-Californian. Ex-Starbucks, Ex-Accenture, now Marketing at Microsoft.

Favorite food: tacos

Favorite comic universe: Marvel Writing and videos on productivity, mindset, and tacos.

Sean’s interests

Knowledge Rules Everything Around Me (K.R.E.A.M)

I’ve always been fascinated by:

  • Writing
  • Processes
  • How things work
  • Frameworks
  • Knowledge management
  • Relationships
  • Social dynamics
  • High performance

Sean’s Popular Links

To point you in the right direction here are some works I’m most proud of.

Work Relationships

Work relationships are best when you know these 3 actions

Achieving your goals

The Easy Way To Review Your Goals 1,050 times automatically

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