Sean Oliver FAQ

This is a collection of questions I frequently receive.

Q: What kind of music do you like?

A: Classical, rap, electronica, rock.

Q: What sports do you watch?

A: Man. None now. Used to be the NFL but i’m struggling with the traumatic brain injury pattern.

Q: What is the best tool for ____?

A: Google it, try one, see how it works for you.

Q:Is Sean Oliver an Introvert or Extrovert?

A: Introvert.

Q: Sean, what’s the worst compliment you’ve received?

A: You’re so articulate.

Q: Why do you look so great for your age?

A: Sunscreen & staying hydrated.

Q: Sean, how do you like working for Microsoft?

A: My coworkers are rad, it’s kind of a valuable tech company, i’m pretty jazzed.

Q: What is Sean Oliver’s spirit animal?

A: Panda.

Q: How does Sean Oliver know so much?

A: I read. That, and podcasts.

Q: How do you get your teeth so white?

A: minimal coffee & tea.

Q: Why waste time trying to maximize the experience of living versus actually just living?

A: I don’t accept such a narrow view of life that the two are mutually exclusive. People are different. I’m a fan of better. I also get that it’s driven by MY own personal experience of this thing called life. If the act of maximizing that experience isn’t your thing, then you probably aren’t reading this, because come on, who NEEDS internet to live, right? I’ll let you get back to the high horse driven buggy you rode in on.

Q: Sean, why do you think so much?

A: Because I’m exposed to far too many people that don’t. It’s kinda like a zombie horde of idjits. I seek an asymmetrical advantage through intelligence.