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Below is my collection of my favorite books, blogs, podcasts, and videos.

In this collection, I brought together my favorites with a dash of my own work too.

I hope this page will help you spend more time learning and less time searching.

Networking & Relationships

Ramit’s definitive guide to building your network – This is the post I share most often when people ask me how to improve their networking approach.

The secret lever to unlock professional opportunities at work– I’m working through some ideas on the importance of professional sponsorship and endorsement. This is a round-up of the best networking advice i’ve used in my career.


How do I stay on track with my goals?– It’s my site and i’ll plug if I want to. I am proud of my piece on how to stay on track with my goals.

Suggested Reading Lists

All good recommendations should come from sources that are tightly aligned to things you like. The authors below speak my language.

  • Ryan Holiday-Author, in my opinion offers the best reading lists
  • Jordan Harbinger-My favorite social capital course and actionable podcast
  • Ramit Sethi-More than finances, tons of actionable advice on living a rich life