Unsexy Guide To Goal Setting

Goal Setting the Lazy Man’s Way

A movie called Kumare is about a guy who fakes his way as an Indian guru, gains a following, then tries to reveal that he’s a regular dude that they didn’t need in the first place.

It nearly made me cry, all of these really powerful people looking externally for strength and guidance.

Like elephants tied up with a rope, after giving up on trying to break free of the chain that previous held them.

It’s sad.

With the new year approaching nearly everyone is on the goal setting kick. Lose weight. Stop Smoking. Get Organized.

Probably the same goals as last year. Amirite?

Skip all that noise. Your buddy Sean is going to give you all the goal setting advice you need. As my Mom used to say, “A word to the wise is sufficient”.

I give you…

Sean’s Unsexy Guide To Goal Setting

Step One

Pick a goal that when you achieve it, will be a huge impact on your life, and WRITE IT DOWN, with your hand, on paper. Accurate problem identification is a critical first step.

Step Two

Write down everything you can think of that you can do to achieve the above goal. Give yourself 10 min or so to empty your brain. A list of 20 things is a good start before you move on to step three

Step Three

DO ONE OF THOSE THINGS. Seriously. Get it done. Pick something. Anything. This isn’t grade school and some mickey mouse assignment with no purpose. Its your life. Get crackin’. Get doing. KEEP doing.


Let me know how it goes with your goal setting.

I love you.

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