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Who Has The Time to Review Your Goals?

This post will show you how to reach your goals and get more of what you want by using an effective strategy from nature.

Everyone is busy and wishes for more time to do the things they want to do, like focusing on their goals. Many things are fighting for our attention. Between work, friends, family and our phones, free time is in short supply. Who has time to add more things in, like a goal review?

When you only review your goals once a year, or once a month you miss out on an opportunity to keep focus on the things you really want.

Time Management Lessons From Nature

There is a bird called the Ox pecker, also known as the tick bird. It eats ticks on big beasts like Rhino’s, Hippo’s, and Wildebeests as well as small birds.

The Ox pecker gets a free ride and a free meal at the same time. We are going to use the same approach as the Ox pecker to piggyback your goal review onto an existing activity you’re likely already doing.

A recent article from the BBC states we touch our phones 150x a day. If you did anything useful 150 times a day you’d be pretty amazing at it by now. We are going to take that habit, and make an easy association to help us review our goals.

How can you find a way to make sure you’re reviewing your goals without making significant changes to your existing routine?

To do this yourself you will need the following items:

  • Smartphone
  • Something to capture your goals
  • Note app
  • or Paper & Pen
  • Camera
  • Know how to set a picture as your lock screen
  • Goals


  1. Capture your goals with your preferred method
  2. Take a picture or screen shot of your goals
  3. Save as your lock screen
  4. Benefit from your repeated goal exposure

You now have a simple framework to review your goals many times a day

Can you think of other applications you could try?

If you want a simpler version, see my post here

Give a suggestion or share your screenshot wallpaper.