3 Hacks to beat that 2pm crash

Hey folks,

For years if you saw me between 2-3pm I was a zombie.

All my energy and focus fizzled.

If I didn’t write down what I was doing, it was guaranteed to slip to the next day, if ever.

Hopefully you’re not as dead as I was in the afternoon, M-F.

But if you are a little snoozy, here are 3 hacks that got me out of that

“I need a nap” spiral.

#1. Coffee or Green Tea at 1pm.

#2. Take a short 5-10 min walk

#3. Supplementation

For years I took Alpha Brain to help with #3. A collection of herbs that promote focus, alertness (basically the anti nap), and keep me productive.

But recently i’ve found something that give me all the focus for my deep work sessions, and none of the jitters that Red Bull, Monster’s, and BANG give me.

It’s called Gorilla Mind Smooth and i’ll share my personal story soon, you can check it out for yourself here.