The Secret To Have An Awesome Week

Do you want to have an awesome week?

It starts with Flow. Be in the zone. Ensure you spend time in activities that make you strong, engaged, and energized. Cut out the activities and situations that make you weak. This week I put in place a system to do just that.

I want to be able to see, at a glance patterns in my week that make me strong and patterns that make me weak.

I could do this with my trusty Field Notes book or a 3×5 card, but I’m going to try and use my iPhone for this though.

The Desired Result

I want a log of when things make me feel pumped like Superman basking in the rays of our yellow sun. As a comic nerd I’m naming this list Yellow Sun.

My log of undesirable weak-making things I named Kryptonite.

The Tools Used

The Setup To Having A Great Week

Drafts will be used to capture the moments as they occur to me. Strong moments and Weak moments will just be noted in Drafts, it will be sent one click to Evernote where the text from Drafts will be combined with date stamp.

At the end of the week i’ll review it and note any themes, trends, etc and make changes as appropriate based on what I find. Hopefully they lead to Hell Yes moments,

Don’t judge me.