I wish I wasn’t me

I’ve never wished I was someone else.  Often though, I wish I wasn’t me.  182 days ago, my best friend died. Every day since then has been a day of terrible discovery. I’ve learned things about myself. I’ve learned things about other people. Pink Blossoms I wish that I didn’t take things personally.  I wish [...]

I believe work relationships would improve if we all focused on three key actions. My worst work relationships experiences were at the hands of, “random number generators”. These are the people that you have no idea what they will do in any situation. They would, in role playing game terms, fall on the spectrum of [...]

Fail to audit your network and you’re neglecting a key responsibility on the care and maintenance of your relationships. If you’ve done the work to build a professional network, periodically you will want to audit your network. It’s sad but true, not everyone in your circle is actually a fan of yours. How can you [...]

Do you want to be overlooked in the workplace? Make sure you are by focusing only on working hard and letting your results speak for themselves. It’s critical to be aware of the impact of your work and how other people view your work. It’s important to know other people view you. It’s key to [...]

Hey folks, I just wanted to answer a question that I get often. How do I stay on track with my goals? Sean There’s stuff that I want to get, there’s results that I want to get in life. How do I make sure I lock that stuff down. Super simple. Have a really, really [...]

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