What Yelp reviews can teach you about quality feedback

Hey you, what’s up? I was having a conversation at work today and I’m leaving a note here. What Rotten Tomatoes and Yelp can teach you about quality feedback in the workplace. A friend of mine that I was sharing with has been struggling with a bit of doubt and second guessing himself at work. [...]

15 Productivity Tips for Your Whole Life

The collection of 15 productivity tips below will help you to step up your productivity, and get stuff done, or log some extra couch time. 15 Productivity Tips for Your Whole Life Use the Pomodoro technique Put your must-do events & actions on your calendar Keep your tasks all in one place in a productivity [...]

I Don’t Read Books

At lunch today I was chatting with a friend about books. If you haven’t read Sheryl Sandberg’s “Lean In”, it’s cool. Neither have I. In fact, most of the people we’ve seen displaying that book in their offices haven’t read it either. In 2019 i’ve read 22 books so far. Weird flex, I know. What [...]

3 steps I take to deal with overwhelm

“Ugh I just have too much to do I can’t keep it all straight”. If I had a dollar for every time I have heard friends and coworkers tell me this recently i’d have $5. I spent an hour with a friend to help them get on top of their commitments, and out of the [...]

3 Hacks to beat that 2pm crash

Hey folks, For years if you saw me between 2-3pm I was a zombie. All my energy and focus fizzled. If I didn’t write down what I was doing, it was guaranteed to slip to the next day, if ever. Hopefully you’re not as dead as I was in the afternoon, M-F. But if you [...]