Hard Work Is Not A Spectator Sport

I used to laugh at out-of-shape people jogging. Seeing them covered in sweat. Moving barely faster than a walk. It made me chuckle. I was awful back then. Then my girlfriend moved to the top of a 15 story high hill. Walking seemed the faster option. I immediately gained an appreciation for the effort just [...]

1 Communication Tip You Should Copy From Trump

My first year of consulting I learned to always have a point of view.   Clients paid us hundreds of dollars an hour. Clients expected us to contribute to a conversation or idea with our own thought-out point of view. A dissenting opinion that challenged the status quo was preferable to vigorous head nodding agreement. [...]

Why Are You Discriminating?

I’m fine working with racists. I’ve done it my entire professional life. In my senior year of high school, I woke up at 5 am to work 4 hours in a furniture mill. My supervisor was racist. My teammate was a swastika tattoo having skinhead. He was a good teammate. Gave me some good tips. [...]

You Won’t Be Able To Have Clear Mission In 2021

Unless you write it down. Get any piece of paper. Grab a pen. Now write down why you are here. Look at what you wrote. Now one of two things have happened at this point. You either wrote down your mission or you didn’t. If you did write something down, great! Ask yourself if what [...]

How To Get Your Whites Their Whitest

This essay isn’t about race. It’s about the tried & true recipe for keeping your laundry sparkling white. My mother started me on laundry when I was old enough to not climb in the dryer. What age that was doesn’t matter. What matters is the laundry approach handed down to me I’m now handing down [...]