If You Want More Friends Do This One Thing

I’m the least cool of all my friends.

It’s something I have refused to accept. Working in marketing, I know facts don’t matter. Attention matters. So to win hearts and minds I needed a new approach.

I started a Friends Newsletter.


It’s what it sounds like. A newsletter I write, for my friends.

To be honest, I stole the idea of a friends newsletter from Nick

Gray. Nick Gray is the founder of Museum Hack and an all-around nice guy.


He has a Friend’s Newsletter that, in his words:

“It’s unlike any other newsletter: There aren’t any ads, and I only send it every month or two when I find something amazing” -Nick Gray


It’s cool.


I subscribed. I send mine out almost monthly. It gives my friends something to talk to me about.


Since I’m the only one of my friends who does this, I feel pretty cool.


It forces me to be a bit more interesting. Otherwise, what am I going to write about? I cover:

  • what I’m watching
  • what I’m eating (love snacks)
  • and a brief recap of the month, plus a picture


People cooler than me look forward to receiving it.


If you don’t have a newsletter, I strongly recommend it. And if you want mine, just DM me.

Who doesn’t want more friends?