1 Document You Must Update Today (If You Have It)

TLDR: You’re amazing.

Enough about you for now. One of the best choices I made years ago was creating a Qualities of Achievement doc(QoA).

A Qualities of Achievement document is a spreadsheet or document that captures your successes as well as your qualities that enabled that achievement.

Sound good? I’ll get you started on it. You survived 2020. One of the qualities that enabled your survival was your resilience. Your endurance. Persistence?

You’ve been winning and you should write it down.

My QoA starts when I graduated college. I’m encouraged when I review it and update it for the achievements of course. What is even more impactful for me is seeing the qualities that I have developed. The qualities that I have strengthened over the years.

I won’t lie. I often surprise myself.

You can use this document for whatever you like. It can help you craft a compelling resume. You could use it to plumb your history for interesting stories and anecdotes. You might even spot qualities you want to build.

You have a rich history.

Take the time to capture one or two achievements for the last year. Go back as far as you would like. You are capturing a lot of awesome.

Celebrate not only your wins but the unique qualities that got you there.