3 Sanity Saving Remote Work Tools

I’ve had some friction in the last 456+ days working from home.

Here are three tools that have saved my sanity, time, and money.

1. Krisp

It’s noise cancelation software.

You can sit right next to your dishwasher running, or music in the background, and they won’t hear a thing. That’s value right there. BUT WAIT! It’s not just for you, it works on their end too!

Your coworker calling from their car. The coworker with the barking dog.

You’ll occasionally hear them apologizing but you’ll never hear the offending noise.

Such sweet silence.

2. Loom

I’m a big fan of saying things once.

When I say them twice I’m going to be recording a response or walkthrough with Loom. Loom lets you record a video under 5 minutes while sharing your screen. Send them a link, or the video directly and who just saved themselves a meeting?

You. You saved yourself a meeting.

3. Textexpander (Mac & Windows) and Autohotkey (windows)

If you aren’t using text replacement software you’re typing too much.

Text replacement, specifically, text replacement you can customize is a game-changer.


YEARS ago I made a text replacement for “Guys” to “Folks” so I could start using more inclusive language. It also helps me save time with replacements like “thank you” when I type “TY”.

The time savings adds up.

All these tools have free trials, so you can test the waters and see if your work from home life improves as much as mine.