Turn On Your Camera

My strongest sense is my vision.

I notice folk’s expressions. Facial, physical, you name it.

The little twitches, frowns, squints, and pursed lips are something I’ve noticed as a child. The twiddling of fingers.

I think they are called micro-expressions.

I can’t NOT notice them.

In 455 days of working from home, I’ve noticed how very few people turn on video on calls. The reasons are always some form of:

“I don’t want to.”

I get it. I hate video too. I’ve been told that I ” You have the best face game.” – Trusted Colleague

This is not to be confused with having the best poker face.

I don’t have that.

You know the face you make when you smell something really bad, and you are trying to sort out if it’s you. Oh goodness don’t let that be me. Where is that rank smell coming from?!

That’s the face I make when I hear things that Don’t Make Sense To Me.

I make this face so often, folks have sent me screenshots. I’ve tried to work on it unsuccessfully my entire life. I’m considering botox.

I turn on my video anyway.


My coworkers deserve every possible communication input in these challenging times.

No one should wonder if I’m paying attention. No one should be unsure if I’m following what they are saying. Plus, on occasion, who can be mad at this winning smile?

Jokes aside. Stealing inputs from the people you spend the most time with during the day isn’t cool. It’s not good for them, and it’s not good for us collectively.

So put your minor preferences aside and turn on your cam.