March 2014

It starts with Flow. Be in the zone. Ensure you spend time in activities that make you strong, engaged, and energized. Cut out the activities and situations that make you weak. This week I put in place a system to do just that. I want to be able to see, at a glance patterns in [...]

Back at it today with a mini review of a book I read called "Getting Results the Agile Way". If you are a high performer you should keep reading, it will help you have a kick ass week. If your week ended TODAY, what 3 results should you have completed? Now decide what 3 outcomes [...]

At my local QFC I saw a grown woman in a sheep onesie. It had a hood with ears and a tail. It was to small for her. It was fuzzy. I looked for a spot in the grocery store where I could take a picture, and then go about my shopping business. Got my [...]

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