How Stress Inoculation Can Help You

Stress Inoculation

There is a paid stress related class offering training for mercenaries and paramilitary personnel called ‘Stress Inoculation’. These are people at risk of capture, torture, imprisonment, etc.

The training is based on the reality that we fear the unknown, so they rehearse the worst case scenario experiences.

If you get captured by some terrorists what will they do? Torture you right?

They would likely try to:
Pull out your fingernails
Water board you
Throw you in a cell
Break bones
Deprive you of sleep

Nasty stuff. How can you prepare for that? Simple.

Sign a waiver. They subject you to the above.

I’d tell you anything you wanted to hear to avoid getting my bones broken. I’d swear I was Barack Obama himself if someone broke my hand. Ok, lets me honest. Broke my finger.

When a student graduates from this class, they are pretty bad ass. I mean, once you’ve had someone electrocute you, break your bones, etc. it’s kind of old hat, nothing you haven’t seen before.

Stress Inoculation Pop Quiz

How do you think a person like that reacts when someone cuts them off in traffic? Or when someone talks loud in a movie theater?

How does that compare to to how you respond to your daily challenges, for the things that grind your gears?

How do you handle feedback?

Maybe you should go to Stress Inoculation school. 🙂

I joke I kid!(If you went that would be amazing)


Ok, I’m going to save you some broken ribs AND help you smooth out your day.

Imagine everything that makes you mad as a circle with you in the middle. Everything in its radius just pretty much drives you bonkers.

Got it? Ok.

Make your circle smaller. Make a choice to just let way less stuff bug you.

Focus on what you can do to achieve your goals.

Leave a comment, tell me what you are going to let go.
Tell me how that works out.