You Won’t Be Able To Have Clear Mission In 2021

Unless you write it down.

Get any piece of paper. Grab a pen. Now write down why you are here.

Look at what you wrote.

Now one of two things have happened at this point. You either wrote down your mission or you didn’t. If you did write something down, great! Ask yourself if what you wrote down is true.

If you didn’t write anything down, what’s stopping you?

This is your life. You’re free to pick anything. No one will see what you write down.

This is just for you.

Let’s take a baby step. Let’s make a DRAFT mission statement. Let’s play pretend.

What would your favorite character write?

It doesn’t matter if it’s Martha Stewart or Batman, just jot down what you think your favorite character singular goal is.

Here is mine if you’re stuck.

My mission in life is to ensure that I live a rich life and support the most important people in my life doing the same.

That may mean nothing to you, and that’s fine. It’s a lens I use to see where I’m off track in life. It’s a standard I can measure myself on.

Most importantly, I’m free to change it as I see fit.

So, back to your mission. What’s stopping you? Copy mine if you like. Change the “what” but draft five out now. Imagine it’s 10 years later and you’ve been crushing it on your mission.

How does that feel?

Make up your mission. Write it down. Try it on for size.