How To Get Your Whites Their Whitest

This essay isn’t about race.

It’s about the tried & true recipe for keeping your laundry sparkling white.

My mother started me on laundry when I was old enough to not climb in the dryer. What age that was doesn’t matter. What matters is the laundry approach handed down to me I’m now handing down to you.

Not to brag, but Mom’s have asked me how I keep my whites so white for years.

If you come up with a cool name for this approach let me know.

You’ll need the following supplies:

  • Mrs. Stewart’s Unscented Scent Laundry Whitener

This is an agent that tints your water blue. It makes your whites appear whiter, because of science.

  • Your laundry detergent of choice (I’m currently using defunkify) defunkify send me free stuff
  • Borax Powder

Also, because science, Borax converts some water molecules to hydrogen peroxide. Basically a safer, natural bleaching agent.

Next, you’ll need to follow some general principles. Follow the care instructions for your fabrics. Wash them at the hottest temperature they will allow. Remove them promptly.

Follow directions.

With a little bit of reading, some rough measuring, and time, your next load of whites should come out nice and bright or you can return this essay for my apologies.

Let me know in the comments what your go-to laundry detergent is.