What Are Your Communication Preferences?

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Many of my friends have radically different communication styles than me. This is interesting to me because many of my friends are impossible to get on the phone. Some have over the last 10 years, emailed less than 10 times. Friends who would never use Twitter will text almost non-stop. With these thoughts in my head I decided to get clear on what my own personal preferences were. Naturally I made a list.

This got me thinking about my preferred modes of communication, both inbound and outbound. I used the Prioritizer to help me rank my items.

Sean’s Communication Preferences

  1. Face to face–  I appreciate quality time.
  2. Text– A quick way to let someone know you are thinking of them
  3. Email– I share a lot of links
  4. Tweet-quick, condensed way to converse and share
  5. Facebook-This is less of a hub for me
  6. FaceTime-I’m a fan
  7. Instant Message-This is the first line of defense against the phone call
  8. Phone-This is dead last. There are about 5 people I talk to on a regular basis, and it’s SIMPLY because we entertain each other during drive time.

There you have it, my communication preferences.

What about yours? What are your top 3 communication preferences and why?