Have You Done Your Annual Review?

notebook page

Notebook page

With 2009 shutting down I am taking the rest of the week to do my annual review. Using the guidelines Chris Guillebeau lays out in his blog, “The Art Of Non Conformity”. It’s basically taking stock of what didn’t work for you last year, what did work out for you, and your theme and goals for the coming year. I haven’t done a deep dive like this in my personal life for a while, so I will post my review when I complete it. I recommend you take a look at his link above, and give it a go yourself. It will take some time to complete, but I think the theme of Get Off Your Ass will be a component, given that I have been put on blast by Johnny B. Truant and all.

Do you think this type of review is valuable? Have you accomplished all your goals? Let me know in the comments!