There Can Be Only One Sean Oliver

Searching For Sean Oliver

Sean Oliver

Sean Oliver Lookin’ Dapper

If you search for “Sean Oliver” you get an actor, a couple of musicians, a consultant with a website that is kind of amazing, and then a few of my links. Some linkedin, some facebook and of course the twitter.

My face when searches don’t lead to me.

My goal is to at least rank #1 or as high as possible for me. This will take a little bit of work because Google can’t be fooled. So I’ll probably need to improve my writing because of the whole “Quality Content” requirement that the Google has. It’s probably a good excuse to work on my writing. I could always go the lazy route and just post pictures but that isn’t very searchable.

What i’m doing now

I’m working on cleaning up what the google has to say me.

You can see what has my attention now.  If you haven’t set up a similar page i’d recommend setting one up.

So far the results have been favorable.

My twitter profile and even my blog rank on the first page. We will see what the results are in a few weeks. If this progress keeps up i’ll own at least 5 spots on the first page of search results.