Would You Like Know My Surefire Cure For Any Problem?

Want to know what to do when you are frustrated?

Theodore Roosevelt in 1885 with his highly-dec...

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A problem I have a few times a year is that I find myself incredibly frustrated. This frustration is triggered by my perceived lack of progress on the insane standards that I hold for myself.

When this mood strikes me, and I feel overwhelmed, I force myself to act, to DO something, regardless of how small, that moves me towards my goal. I have to remind myself that it’s all about action, not perfection.

Once I realized the specific problems we have are less important than the action we take against them, I got moving in the right direction.

“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” Theodore Roosevelt, 26th president of US (1858 – 1919)

As a rule, I don’t give advice. That said, if you find yourself struggling with overwhelm I have tips for you here.