These 3 Questions Can Help You Get Better Results

“Do it, review it, and improve it.” -J.D. Meier “Getting Results the Agile Way”

If you improved 1% each day, after a year you would be 37x better off than you are today.

That change over a day is barely noticeable. It takes very little effort to do improve that much. In a month, that kind of change starts to add up. That’s why every month I do a monthly review.

I look at my last full month and ask myself three questions:

  • What went well?
  • What didn’t go well?
  • What one change will I make for the next month?

These questions let me start from any place, and end up in a better one. I’ve had distracting, low-impact months and I have had powerful months where I crushed it. In every instance, these three focusing questions have helped me improve.

Both failure and success are an opportunity for learning.

Each month is an opportunity to lock in what’s working well for you and drop what isn’t. Imagine what your year could look like after 12 cycles of improvement. How much better could you be.

How much better WILL you be?

Progress comes not just with success but failures as well. Do you think you owe it to yourself to check in and see how you’re doing on both ends? Your experience is the raw material you can use to get anywhere you want to go.

If you feel fancy, I’d love to know what’s one thing that’s going well this month that’s under your control.