Work relationships are best when you know these 3 actions

I believe work relationships would improve if we all focused on three key actions.

My worst work relationship experiences were at the hands of, “random number generators.” These are the people that you have no idea what they will do in any situation. They would, in role-playing game terms, fall on the spectrum of chaotic neutral to chaotic evil.

I’ve been dressed down in an email to my boss. I’ve been told my arms have a “nice shape.” All from the same person. Random number generator.

I’ve had delightful experiences with coworkers who show the actions below.

Be consistent in your work relationships

This is the cure for the pain of workplace chaos. Act in a consistent, predictable manner. Do what you say. Keep your commitments. This will create a strong pattern in your work relationships.

”Be impeccable with your word”

Don Miguel Ruiz

Consistency leads to predictability, which leads to a reduced mental load on others when dealing with you.

Be clear

What should we expect from the people we work with?

I’d offer we should expect consistency. Also, we should expect clarity. It’s hard to get work done when we aren’t clear on what the work is, and who’s doing it.

Strive in your work relationships to keep things as clear and simple as possible.

Be kind

If I had a dollar for every time I’m cut off in traffic by a driver who doesn’t use their turn signals.

I would have five bucks this week.

Being consistent and being clear are both ways to be kind.

Being kind while you do so improves sharing.

It’s free. It never makes matters worse. And you always personally win by doing it.

Strive to be as predictable, as water is wet. You’ll improve your personal and professional relationships, and unlock more opportunities at work.

Predictability in your behavior, work, and deliverables all make it easy for the other people in your life to have a model of what to expect from you.

Combine with approach with improving through feedback and auditing your network, and soon you’ll experience an improvement in your work relationships.

What specific change can you make today to be more clear, consistent, or kind at work?

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