The secret lever to unlock networking opportunities at work

Do you want to be overlooked in the workplace?

Make sure you are by focusing only on working hard and letting your results speak for themselves.
It’s critical to be aware of the impact of your work and how other people view your work. It’s important to know other people view you. It’s key to have a source of quality feedback.
If you could count the people who hold you in high esteem, you’d have a good sense of your professional capital.

Networking is the lever

Have you wondered how seemingly unqualified people land envious work opportunities? I’d offer that it is likely because of sponsorship and/or endorsement.
The story of your career starts with demonstrating competence and skill. The story continues with how effectively you build a network of people who can spot opportunities for you, and represent your work for you.
You could describe me as very introverted. Once you get me in a group of more than 3 people i’m looking for the exit.
In my career journey, the networking guidance offered by Jordan Harbinger and Ramit Sethi has been invaluable.

Their writing taps into a side of career development and growth that goes beyond the basics of “Do a good job” and digs into the larger game of managing your professional networking.

The power of sponsorship and endorsement is a powerful lever in the workplace.

Jordan’s free course on networking is a powerful tool to add to your networking toolkit.

What I like best about his course is that it’s as valuable, and actionable as it is free. 

You’ll learn specific tactics, as well as grow your awareness of what it means to be responsible for your career social capital.

Ramit also has highly valuable content for free that provides you with tactics, scripts, and a mental model for addressing networking in a natural way.

One of the best pieces of content is Ramit’s advice on Natural Networking here:

And his guide on building your network here:

I’ve sat on hiring decisions that break down to “ I need three more rockstar’s like Sean, do you know anyone like that? Bring them in”

Acting on the advice from Ramit and Jordan will put you in the position of being that rockstar.
Being liked, working hard, are only part of the equation. Being thought of as an asset, as valuable, in the minds of people in a position is an advantage.
You also will need to make sure to audit your network to keep it healthy.

The advice in the links above will help you immediately improve your personal and work relationship efforts.