What you should know about Resilient Communication

Fighting Fires

Do you find yourself putting out fires at work? Do you have family members who make minor items, major issues?
With friends & family and as a product marketing manager at Microsoft, I put out a lot of fires.
These fires are the result of fear, uncertainty, doubt, and on rare occasions straight up hostility.

The Resilient Communication Framework

This Resilient communication framework has helped clearly communicate in a way that addresses 95% of questions people can have on an issue. This allows us to act on solutions.

Flip through this short SlideShare I created to get the 5 key questions that will help you create clarity in almost any situation.

With this framework, you should be able to quickly orient folks to reality, and show a clear path forward. Use it to beat your competition.

What other models or frameworks do you use to communicate better? Let me know on twitter @sean_oliver