Doppleganger Sean Oliver

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Looking for Sean Oliver?

Based on extremely light Facebook app information provided to me

There are approximately 111,641 people with the last name Oliver. This Surname ranks the 248 most common in the United States. There are an estimated 54,816 Males with the last name “Oliver”. It is further estimated that there are about 49 Males with the exact name, Sean Oliver.

So with roughly the competition of 49 other males, 2 of which I know of in Washington state, I am forced to do things like settle for my current domain of because the rest were taking by my dopplegangers. What are the odds that, of the 49 other Sean Oliver’s that there are 3 Sean E. Oliver’s in Washington? What about 2 Sean Edward Oliver’s? What about two black Sean Edward Oliver’s?

So yeah, at 9:01 pm on Friday I had to hustle to get just so the other Sean wouldn’t beat me to it.

So if you are looking for the real Sean Oliver aka me you can start here:

Accept no substitutes.