Are You Good On Paper?

Recently in conversation women shared their thoughts on men they are involved with. A common component of these talks was the notion of their men being “good on paper”. Being “good on paper” was described as a guy with a good stable job, nice, respectful, etc. The man that good mamma’s make. This factor is interesting because the women are trying to understand why they are not as into the men who, by the numbers, is a great catch. The man of their dreams.

I found most interesting that these women, who are intelligent, attractive contributors to society seem oblivious to key components of attraction. For them good on paper equals security, and security equals safety, and safety means predictability and stability. What isĀ  absent is the concept of a challenge, and passion.

As expected, I will provide an analogy. For some, the “good on paper” guy is like showing up to a game show, and winning simply by being present. Winning is awesome, but there was no excitement, no passion, no possibility of not winning.

I should charge for this.

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