This is the coolest site that I have recently seen. It is a 20 Questions machine, go check it out. Anyway, gotta go prep for my Temporary Employee Exit Interview. Which means I have to take my anti-jackass medication. Double dose.

NYCE LEGS — Home This link has nothing to do with me really, I just saw this on the Emmy’s this week. Spray on pantyhose. Brilliant. I have to stop watching late night TV. While I love my TiVo like the younger, obedient brother I never had, I get way to may infomercial recorded. I [...]

Job Center

Job Center Ok, so I have seven days left at my temp assignment. For the last week, I have been training my real actual employee with benefits replacement. This is the guy who got hired over me. He makes about 3 dollars and hour more than me. And I am training him. Technically, he can [...]

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