Starbucks How I Loved Thee Well this is it, today is the day. I am done. Last day. I ws thinking about trying to leave early, but there is a little goodbye for me from the ‘team’ this afternoon. Damn, while I do appreciate it, can’t we just let Sean run free? Just release me [...]

Yup, get your free computer here No, its not a scam, yes you will get a free computer. Click on the link, read the terms and conditions, and get your free gear now! Shoot, or at least just help me get one, I am out of work in a day. Have some compassion people!

This is the coolest site that I have recently seen. It is a 20 Questions machine, go check it out. Anyway, gotta go prep for my Temporary Employee Exit Interview. Which means I have to take my anti-jackass medication. Double dose.

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