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Image via WikipediaHappy holidays. Some quick updates. One, thanks for rating the posts. It’s helped me identify what you like. Two, I have added Google Connect to the sidebar, so join! There was another item but I forgot.

Recently in conversation women shared their thoughts on men they are involved with. A common component of these talks was the notion of their men being “good on paper”. Being “good on paper” was described as a guy with a good stable job, nice, respectful, etc. The man that good mamma’s make. This factor is [...]

I Like Ovid

I read a few solid quotes in my Simpleology email this week. For your review: “Let your hook be always cast. In the pool where you least expect it, will be fish.”“Endure and persist, this pain will turn good by and by.” -Ovid So, thats what I am gonna do. Related articles by ZemantaNo Short [...]

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