Yesterday, I had 30 minutes to meet with six Directors and my GM. I was there to share my experience, career goals, and ask for guidance. It’s called career council. I started the session on script, but chose to flip it. “I’ll share about me” I said, “But if you’re game, I’d like to do [...]

Fighting Fires Do you find yourself putting out fires at work? Do you have family members who make minor items major issues? With friends & family and as a product marketing manager at Microsoft, I put out a lot of fires. These fires are the result of fear, uncertainty, doubt, and on rare occasions straight [...]

Sean’s Favorite Things   Man I wish I was Oprah sometimes. Every year the talk show hosts have a christmas give away show. Oprah had her favorite things. Everyone has their version. This is mine. Sorry, you aren’t getting any of them from me though. Santa doesn’t look like me. Kleen Canteen This is just the best [...]

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