“Ugh I just have too much to do I can’t keep it all straight”. If I had a dollar for every time I have heard friends and coworkers tell me this recently i’d have $5. I spent an hour with a friend to help them get on top of their commitments, and out of the [...]

Hey folks, For years if you saw me between 2-3pm I was a zombie. All my energy and focus fizzled. If I didn’t write down what I was doing, it was guaranteed to slip to the next day, if ever. Hopefully you’re not as dead as I was in the afternoon, M-F. But if you [...]

ISBN: 0804137382Date read: 2016-11-20 My recommendation: 8/10 Visit the Amazon page for detail and other reviews. My summary Solid actionable advice on what to focus on, questions to ask yourself, and how to make progress on the things most important to you. My notes In your personal or professional life, the equivalent of asking yourself [...]

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