I recommend you don't give advice.   This act will save you time. It will increase your happiness.   I've always been a bit of a know it all and loved giving advice. People seek me out and ask me questions. I felt like this wise little owl here.   These questions took one of [...]

Five Top Reviews of Omnifocus vs Todoist   Omnifocus was my tool of choice for over 8 years. I recently switched task management to Todoist from Omnifocus.  Here are the top five reviews of Omnifocus vs Todoist and what drove their choice. 1. Compare OmniFocus vs Todoist Business 2 Community Review of Omnifocus vs. Todoist [...]

A picture of my life

  My life basically #tangled #headphones A photo posted by Sean Oliver (@sean_edward_o) on Jun 6, 2016 at 10:32am PDT

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