Minimalism Demystified


eople ask is “What is minimalism”?

People even scoff at the thought of an email about ‘less’.

To clear things up.

When I say minimalism, I mean is the removal of everything that isn’t positively contributing to what you want.

Yes, that’s pretty broad. It’s silly to think that I could sit here and tell you to adopt some spartan lifestyle with just 100 items.

What I can & will suggest is that you:

1. Decide what you want

2. Remove anything that subtracts from #1

It’s more about finding what is essential to the experiences you want. No more, no less.

Yeah, its totally subjective. I get it. Fortunately there are strategies that can help.

I don’t know where you are at in your journey.

You could be:

* Decluttering

* Improving your diet

* Focusing on your health

* Improving relationships

* Crushing it at work

Regardless of your focus you will find something useful for you here.

For me, it started with reading the book: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing by Marie Kondo. Follow here on Mari Kondo’s Twitter

Yes its’s an affiliate link. I’ll get a whopping 2 cents if you end up buying that book. I bought it, twice, gave one to my Grandma, moving on.

The book runs you through her approach to simplifying and creating a space you love once and for all. The big learning for me was to forget about organizing. I know right? How are you ever going to get your home how you want it without organizing?

She recommends, and I agree, that FIRST, you need to discard. Get rid of stuff.

Surprisingly, its really easy to do once you realize you don’t love it.

Great book, quick read, give it a look.

What space can you make for awesome today?