Do You Use Your Blinker?

Remember that time you were driving, and that #%&! cut you off?

It’s maddening.

Why didn’t they use their blinker?

It’s the easiest thing!

Use one finger, and you give a courtesy heads up to all the other people piloting two-ton vehicles at speed.

This is important with this new hybrid workplace we find ourselves in.

Action is important. It’s how we get results.

But using your blinker is an underrated skill.

Communicate your intentions. Make it visible. Consider it a public service to those you work with.

This isn’t the CIA; we all benefit when we make our work, our work product, even our intentions public.

Don’t toil in obscurity.

Don’t be that person at work. You are better than that. Your coworkers deserve better.

At every opportunity, strive to end mindreading, guessing, and assumptions.

Give your coworkers the luxury of knowing what to expect from you.

Let them know, where appropriate, the moves you plan to make BEFORE you make them.

Create clarity, and you give yourself and your coworkers the gift of reality.

A reality you create with the simple act of using your blinker.

Find a way daily to let people know where you are at and where you are going.

Use your blinker.