Learn these 7 men’s capsule wardrobe tips

Mens Capsule WardrobeYou can build a quality Men’s capsule wardrobe with versatile items that never go out of style.

There is not much wardrobe advice for Men. This is a minimalist way to save money, time, and get the best use of the clothing you have.

There aren’t many guides out there for building a Men’s capsule wardrobe, so I’ve collected the best here.

Simple living should be easy.

On to the tips for Mens Wardrobe creation!

1. Project 333

Brief thoughts from men around the world on what a Men’s wardrobe means for them.

2. Becoming Minimalist

They have a case study on how they approached their wardrobe.

3. Project 333: An Experiment in Minimalist Fashion

A great overview of their wardrobe experiment and approach.

4. Aaron’s Capsule Wardrobe – Un-Fancy

This is hands down the best how to guide that I have seen on putting together a Men’s wardrobe that works for you

5. How To Build A Capsule Wardrobe

One of my favorite examples of a summer wardrobe for men.

6. 20 pieces 20 outfits: an easy summer wardrobe for men

Another favorite resource for how to use only a few items to
create a flexible summer wardrobe

7. Kohl’s Men’s Wardrobe for Spring/Summer

A handy guide for Kohl shoppers on a summer wardrobe

There you have it, the best tips I’ve found for creating a Men’s Wardrobe