You Won't Touch This

You Won’t Touch This

People I tend to not get along with are people who are lazy with words. Specifically people who use the word “Can’t” when what is really meant is “Won’t”. There is a huge difference. The fact that people gloss over the difference of not being able to do something and being unwilling to do something angers me.

Mind Reading=Bad Time

I am also frustrated by people that pretend to be psychic. They see clearly into the future and know when they can do something, even if its something they have never attempted before. Their form of communication is mind reading.

Let us clarify terms


Will not.

I’m ok with people being unwilling to change. I can accept that. Not everyone wants to do the work required to improve their life. The gym is work. Eating better is work. Adding value to relationships is work. What I won’t accept is confusing the terms and the meaning they have.

If you’re unwilling to eat better, stop smoking, find a better job, fine. Just understand that’s a choice. You are totally able to do those things. You’re simply unwilling. Learn how to manage oneself. You only have one life. Don’t blow it.

The Author

Sean Oliver

Sean Oliver is a product marketing manager in Seattle, WA