If You Look Down, You Will See Your Navel.

If You Look Down, You Will See Your Navel.

It’s Saturday, and its time for some navel gazing. I often type how fascinated I am by people who visit this site damn near daily. What is even more interesting to me, is how they get here.

Some search directly. If you do a google search on the term ‘notoriousseo’ or ‘sean oliver just you and me’ you find this blog in the top 10 search results.

Someone actually searched ‘sean oliver just you and me’. Weird. Search ‘Me…Blogged’ and I am in the top 10 results as well.

97.6% of the traffic here comes from a bookmark of some sort. Seriously?

Ok. Enough of that.

  • philip

    A lot of blog traffic these days (at least by computer nerds like me (but it’s becoming more mainstream)) is through use of RSS readers. Some people leave them open and have it check their RSS feeds every 15 minutes, or hourly, or … The fact that someone searched ‘sean oliver just you and me’ though is indeed interesting but then again who doesn’t want the notorious seo to themselves? I know I do.

  • Sean

    good point P. My blog has two whole RSS feed subscribers.

    is the way to go.

  • philip

    I’m not sure how the RSS feed subscriber numbers work. I was using your Atom* feed and likely was not considered as “a subscriber” but now switched to your feedburner as it includes other goodies, like flickr. But I don’t see how it would see me as subscribed as anyone can view this feed in the world, at any time. Who knows… not me.


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