May 2015 – Sean Oliver

May 2015

Use this test to simplify your life It will simplify everything. It’s called the Hell test. I didn’t invent it. Derek Sivers writes about it here:  How to simplify The test is simple. When presented with a: Choice Decision Menu option Invitation You get the idea. When presented with a choice, replace all yes or [...]

Minimalism is hard.   Can I be real for a second with you? Anytime you do something new you will get resistance. Remember: You choose your choices. Now, that said, simple living isn’t for everyone. The notion of making choices, and acting in a way that, if you were Goldilocks(Shout out to the blondes!) lets you find the [...]

P eople ask is “What is minimalism”? People even scoff at the thought of an email about ‘less’. To clear things up. When I say minimalism, I mean is the removal of everything that isn’t positively contributing to what you want. Yes, that’s pretty broad. It’s silly to think that I could sit here and tell [...]