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Do you want to have an awesome week? It starts with Flow. Be in the zone. Ensure you spend time in activities that make you strong, engaged, and energized. Cut out the activities and situations that make you weak. This week I put in place a system to do just that. I want to be [...]

Back at it today with a mini review of a book called “Getting Results the Agile Way”. If you are a high performer you should keep reading, it will help you have a kick ass week. Still here? Ok. See my lite review below. The Rule Of Three If your week ended TODAY, what 3 [...]

Stress Inoculation There is a paid stress related class offering training for mercenaries and paramilitary personnel called ‘Stress Inoculation’. These are people at risk of capture, torture, imprisonment, etc. The training is based on the reality that we fear the unknown, so they rehearse the worst case scenario experiences. If you get captured by some terrorists [...]

I reviewed my notes on the book “Getting Results the Agile Way” by John.D. Meier. He writes about the concept of continuous improvement to get quality results in your personal life. You can find details here That’s nice Sean but why do I care? Don’t take that tone with me. I’m here to help. I’m going [...]

So you want to have laser focus I made the mistake of answering a question and not considering WHY it was asked.  After I realized my mistake, I got cranky, then I made a video. This is the worst goal “hack” video ever. It’s ugly, I make mistakes in it, and it’s very unprofessional. But you should still watch [...]

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