2013 – Sean Oliver


Goal Setting the Lazy Man’s Way A movie called Kumare is about a guy who fakes his way as an Indian guru, gains a following, then tries to reveal that he’s a regular dude that they didn’t need in the first place. It nearly made me cry, all of these really powerful people looking externally for strength and [...]

My Journal Format

I journal twice daily using the iOs app Day One. It’s helped me focus on the awesome, positive things in my life and gives me no less than 21 awesome things to reflect on at the end of my week.  I’ve included the journal format below. I also have others for tracking Agile Results. Let [...]

People I tend to not get along with are people who are lazy with words. Specifically people who use the word “Can’t” when what is really meant is “Won’t”. There is a huge difference. The fact that people gloss over the difference of not being able to do something and being unwilling to do something [...]

Searching For Sean Oliver If you search for “Sean Oliver” you get an actor, a couple of musicians, a consultant with a website that is kind of amazing, and then a few of my links. Some linkedin, some facebook and of course the twitter. This is my face when searches for “Sean Oliver” don’t lead to [...]