November 2006 – Sean Oliver

November 2006

Yes, a picture. Click on the button on the left and download you some Picasa. Its from Google and will help you manage your pics super easy. Did I mention its from Google?

I’m Sorta Famous

Im mostly a geek. I love lifehacker, its a great website. Last night, I sent them a submission, and THEY PUT IT ON THE FRONT PAGE! Which, IMO, is friggen awesome. I even get a shout out! Visit my submission HERE

Beautiful Teeth

I got two fillings today. My mouth hurts. I am never going to have this done again.


So I am about to go bowling for work. Its fun, I like it. It keeps my mind off of people and things. I need distractions

I’m Sorry Pam

It might as well be in kind. I posted that comment to fast. Wasn’t meant to be cruel. If it was daily, where would you find the time to save lives and stuff?-Sean

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