So apparently I may have a job offer next Wed. I certainly hope so. And not just for the cash, but for the Eminem impression I will be working on for my return. “Guess who’s back? Sean is back”. Ah, good stuff. Meanwhile, I have been making all of my friends really angry over the fact that I am pretty much never wrong. Big issue, small issue, meaningless trivia, 90% of the time I am right. Now, naturally my mostly infallible nature leads to a bit of overconfident and yes, cockiness. This is what irritates my friends. My question to you is, if you were always right, wouldn’t that be kind of frustrating to you? I mean, if Superman were real, and a buddy couldn’t open the mayonnaise jar, should Supes just act like he couldn’t open it?

that’s how I feel. Captain Correct is now trying to masquerade as mild mannered idiot Sean. My new battle cry shall be “gee, I’m not sure”.

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Sean Oliver

Sean Oliver is a management consultant in Seattle, WA