What Does Fall Remind You Of?

It reminds me of hot apple cider and Thanksgiving spent with families larger than my own.

  • David

    Leaves, long-sleeve shirts, and over eating.

  • Sean

    Cranberry sauce, Frost, and Pumpkin pie.

  • Anonymous

    Watching football on a sunny day in the company of a hot guy, pumpkin carving parties,fires on chilly nights.

  • Anonymous

    Football, cozy fires, and Snuggling

  • Erin

    The sound of dried leaves crunching under my footstep, crisp mornings and the first cup of cider for the season, searching for the perfect pumpkin, candy corn and pecan pie.

  • Mandy

    Football, Football, oh and Football. Hot apple cider and pumpkin picking and carving. Ahh the simple things of life

The Author

Sean Oliver

Sean Oliver is a product marketing manager in Seattle, WA