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This link has nothing to do with me really, I just saw this on the Emmy’s this week. Spray on pantyhose. Brilliant.

I have to stop watching late night TV. While I love my TiVo like the younger, obedient brother I never had, I get way to may infomercial recorded. I think its time to retrain brother TiVo.

So this is Wed evening. Tomorrow is Thursday, or next to last temp day for me. I am actually excited about the limitless potential that the unemployment line will grant me. What is ridiculous however, is the fact that tomorrow @ 7 AM I have a meeting with the Department head, Mr. “ooo, sorry, we hired other lame people”. What is the meeting about? My temp exit interview. I am a temporary employee. I don’t work for them, they have proven that they have no interest in hiring me, and I have an exit interview.

His plan is to pick my brain for opportunities to improve processes and challenges on the team. And that, my friends, is so bogus I may just throw up my peanut butter and jelly sandwich I just ate.

I only have one more day to put up with the whole, “you don’t have to go home, but you cant work here” routine.

I must admit though, I will miss a lot of the people who I just realized were cool.

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