Image via Wikipedia A question I have grown to loathe with an intensity that burns with the heat of no fewer than 9 firesides is “What do you do?” My distaste of this question is not in the asking of it. I welcome the interest in me, and my vocation. The true source of my [...]

I received a tremendous email today. Here is a segment.seanolivered (verb): Being told that you have a great personality and everyone loves you, but if you ever want to get promoted, you need to be a lot less you. Example: "Crichton had a great mid-year review, until the last 5 minutes, when she was unexpectedly [...]

A Quick Update

Image via WikipediaI am working hard for my money now. It is a great experience I am learning a ton and contributing as well. Microsoft as a company is interesting to work in. I have learned and done more here in 3 weeks than I ever did at Starbucks. I have edited documentation for a [...]

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