The ordinance requires an adult entertainment license for stands where¬†baristas wear pasties that don’t cover the bottom half of their breasts or thongs that don’t fully cover their rear ends. Starting next month, employees and customers of such stands must be at least 18. Violators could be shut down as a public nuisance. via [...]

Image by sean_oliver via Flickr Last week I got my first pumpkin spice latte. For me this is the first fall at a new company and a new apartment. Back in 2007 I made a fall note, and this year is no different. It was a great summer see you next fall, or tomorrow. Related [...]

Image by Akrage via FlickrSo 30 was a good year for me. Here are 5 highlights. Quit SBUX at the top Got hired at the Firm Finally made it to Canada Got a Washington State Drivers license after 7 years in Seattle Spent time with incredible individuals

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