Annual review 2009

With 2009 shutting down I am taking the rest of the week to do my annual review. Using the guidelines Chris Guillebeau lays out in his blog, “The Art Of Non Conformity”. It’s basically taking stock of what didn’t work for you last year, what did work out for you, and your theme and goals for the [...]

I received a tremendous email today. Here is a segment.seanolivered (verb): Being told that you have a great personality and everyone loves you, but if you ever want to get promoted, you need to be a lot less you. Example: “Crichton had a great mid-year review, until the last 5 minutes, when she was unexpectedly [...]

I saw V for vendetta.I liked the movie, thought it had a good love story.  It made me think about the things that can be taken away from you, and the things people give, either willingly, or out of fear.  And, it made me realize that there is such a thing as too many shots to the [...]