You Need RescueTime

Image by neilschelly via FlickrEver wonder exactly how much time you are spending on your email, reading that news, or cruising around on MySpace? If you do, then go to RescueTime immediately. The little gadget passively tracks the applications and sites that you spend your time on, and even gives you a way to measure [...]

I have created a rich search experience for you, my reader. Over to the right, you will see a search box. Use it. I know you are curious. Search my blog. Guess what, you can search more. You can search my photos. Yes, you can search the photo’s of Sean Oliver. You can search more. [...]

I am going to clean my car today. I might even go to PAX. I leave for you the top 5 most popular posts this year for my blog. 1. Posts Labled “Personal” 2. 10 Dollars and a Dream 3. If you look down, you will see your navel 4. Friggin Myspace 5. 5 Things [...]