Go Joe!

Still giddy with fanboy anticipation over the Iron Man movie that is coming out, I had a second shudder of joy when I say this picture. Yes boys and girls, this is Snake Eyes. From GI Joe. It is awesome. Movie looks like it will suck, but Snake Eyes will always be bad ass.A real [...]

The words “I’m hot cuz I’m fly, you ain’t cuz you not” haunt me. MIMS song is a mental virus that plagues me, and is not cured by my attempt to spread it. Believe me, I have tried unsuccessfully.Annoying songs aside, if you haven’t seen 300 yet, get thine self to yon theater post haste. [...]

Foreign Is Funny

Last night I saw Borat. The movie was pretty funny, and I needed a laugh. What was sad about the film is that a large portion of the US are homophobic big talkers that are full of themselves.

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